my problems vhs for dvd

  andje71 19 Jun 12

I just bought a new RCA dual vhs to dvd machine which works fine for my own tapes from tv. My problem is when copying movie vhs (about 30 of them) which won't copy (pops up with "video is copy protected". Any way of getting around this? Some of these tapes are 10-12 years old and i'm afraid they may get outdated and break the tapes. Thanks in advance for any help.

  ams4127 19 Jun 12

There are ways to do what you want, but to tell you would be to condone piracy. You won't get any answers here.

  Lazarus The 2nd 20 Jun 12

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  Lazarus The 2nd 20 Jun 12

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  Lazarus The 2nd 20 Jun 12

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  Lazarus The 2nd 20 Jun 12

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  Lazarus The 2nd 20 Jun 12

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  ams4127 20 Jun 12

Good spot Lazarus! I missed it completely!

  hurrews 23 Jun 12

You can see the idea of how to use Grex with DVD/VCR combos here: I'm doing it with my Sony RDR VX520. Definitely the next round of such products would be HD protection remover. Are there any news about such device?


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