My Pictures & DEP Warning

  provider 2 11:51 16 Aug 08

Can anybody help me with this, please; I`m well out of my depth here.

My neighbour has a Dell laptop running XP Media Centre which he uses mainly for his extensive photo collection.

Recently he installed some pictures of a holiday trip sent to him by his son on a disc. The installation went ok and the photos appear in My Pictures in little page-type box of four which, I think, means they are compressed.

When he tries to open these, however, a Data Execution Prevention Warning comes up and the
laptop freezes. I`ve checked the appropriate page and found that the DEP is activated for Windows only, not any other programs, and cannot be turned off.

Can anybody suggest a solution to this problem or point me towards some kind of explanation of what is going on here? I don`t think it`s any kind of malware because I can see no symptoms of infection and other disc-derived photos open normally.

  jack 11:54 16 Aug 08
  jack 11:56 16 Aug 08

to view these images?
If he is simply relying on Windows or s simple Dell facility.
The perhaps he woulrd fare better with a download of
Picasa or Irfanview

  provider 2 12:08 16 Aug 08


Sorry for the delay.

I believe he`s using the Windows Media Player that came pre-installed. (The laptop is quite new.)

He did have some problems uninstalling a crippled version of a Roxio disc-burning prog that kept popping up demanding cash for the full version but I think that has gone now.

That wouldn`t be causing this DEP thing would it?
(I haven`t checked your link yet.)

  provider 2 12:25 16 Aug 08


I`ve been checking your link.

Dear, oh dear, I think I may be gone for a fortnight or so ...

  jack 14:13 16 Aug 08

you do need an image editor/management program
Neither Media player or Nero are those

Try this one

click here

  jack 14:15 16 Aug 08

As you will have to tranlate this to your chums computer
Go to Google and type in the field

picasa download
then the programs will install directly or put a file on the desk top
if the latter install it from there

  Stuartli 15:07 16 Aug 08

Much easier just to go direct to the Picasa download page...:-)

click here

  jack 15:34 16 Aug 08

This will have to done the the neighbours on machine

  provider 2 15:38 16 Aug 08

Jack, Stuartli,

Thank you both. I`ll suggest Picasa to him and see what he has to say. He was wittering on a while back about Adobe Photoshop but as far as I know hasn`t done anything about it yet.

Would I be right in thinking that`s much the same thing as Picasa only a bit better, maybe?

I see an awful lot of questions about DEP warnings on Google but very few answers (that I can understand, anyway), except to turn it off completely which can`t be all that good an idea, can it?

One poster says turn it on for all programs and add the malfunctioning one to the exceptions list, but that seems to be another way of looking for trouble rather than a solution.

Would I be right in thinking the most common workaround is to just keep trying the different things listed in "open with" until one works without setting off the DEP warning?

  provider 2 15:50 16 Aug 08

I`m thinking of RealPlayer and Microsoft Picture It! 10, both of which are installed already.

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