My old Xbox & New 1080i 52" TV

  pgj 27 Apr 12

Is my new 52" HD TV putting a strain on the graphic card of my 2005 Xbox 360?

If so why? If not why not?

I found this written by someong proffessing to be an expert of Facebook: "The First Batches of 360 s Were Produced - 2004-2005 The Games Were,nt as Graphically Demanding - And Even then prolonged Playing, Was Burning out The Consoles. My Point Being, As Games Have Become More Advanced, and More Graphically Demanding. Users Want To Display At Max res ? 1080P And on TV,s 32-50" LCD. The Latest Game,s. Are Very Taxing on The Graphics Chip."

Is he right that the TV is demanding more from the Xbox or does the TV just take whatever the xbox supplies and then amplifies?

Many thanks John

  wiz-king 28 Apr 12

A graphics card gota do what a graphics card does. Facebook and Experts are not synonymous.

  pgj 28 Apr 12

Thanks for that wiz-king but kinda hoping for a more technically reasoned answer or a pointer to what one might be had.

The facebook page where this is from is!/groups/319106044805380/349500168432634/?notift=group_activity if anyone is interested. It.s a console selling page.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 28 Apr 12


Any graphics card will be able to output a certain number of resolutions, as long as your TV accepts one of those resolutions you will get a picture.

Its the games that put the strain on the graphics cards driving gamers to by better cards to take advantage of the graphics the games offer, older cards will not be able to offer the frame rate or resolutions that work best with new games and therefore the game has to be played at lower resolutions than the game is capable of.


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