music 'slow down' software

  puma22 21:02 16 Jul 07

I am learning to play the fiddle and someone mentioned that there is software that will slow down CD tracks so that the tune is easier to follow and learn. Does anyone have any recommendations?


  dukeboxhero 21:12 16 Jul 07

click here after you have loaded song go to edit /select all/
then effects/change speed or tempo

  puma22 21:32 16 Jul 07

Thanks for the link. I am having problems importing the track I want to work with from my CD and get the following message '....track is an audio CD file. Adacity does not open this type of file...' Any suggestions on how to turn the file into one that audacity recognises?


  brundle 23:30 16 Jul 07

You can rip it using Windows Media Player and load that into Audacity, or use something like CDex to extract a raw .WAV file; click here

CD>Audacity info on this very subject here click here

  puma22 19:35 17 Jul 07

Thanks for the advice. I have been having a play around with it and it works fine, although it is a bit convoluted taking it through the 2 programmes. A friend mentioned to me that there is some software that will slow down tracks. If anyone knows of anything that does this in a one click way?


  mguitar 03:55 07 Nov 08

There is a fairly new softare out there for music slow down called mTrax by TerraSofta. This one is bloody awesome and is the best that I have found. It automatically loads your audio files and gives you the ability to slow down any or all of your tunes and loop through them. Give it a try at click here. A tool that is a must have for any musician.

  Stuartli 11:28 07 Nov 08

If you to to View>Enhancements>Play Speed settings in Windows Media Player, you can adjust the speeds as required and, in certain cases, adjust video frame advancement.

However, I don't think it will apply to actually recording the output except, perhaps, via the speakers or headphone socket.

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