mp3 Player Recommendations Please.

  Big L 266 03 Nov 10


My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit and my default media player is Winamp Pro including the crossfader plug-in and my soundcard is an Acer Xonar D2X audio centre range.

I would like your personal recommendations please as to what the best mp3 player is to buy that is compatable with winamp pro. I did buy a Creative Zen mp3 player but this was incompatable with Winamp and had to be returned.

Any help, suggestions, personal recommendations etc would be warmly welcomed by this older 'silver surfer' music fan. Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.

Big L 266

  john bunyan 04 Nov 10

I am not too familiar with Winamp, but find the varius iPods very good - within my family there are 2 Classics and a Touch.They can be coordinated with Winamp, I believe.
iPod Touch 64 Gig well worth a look.

click here

  Big L 266 08 Nov 10


j.b....Thanks for your reply.I like the look of iPod Classic as well and I'll contact the makers to see if its compatable with Windows Vista Home Premium and Winamp.I'll also look at the specs in detail because I hope it'll have a 'drag & drop' facility which the Creative Zen didn't have.If not,I'll simply buy another portable cd player and record some cdrs to play which I've done for many years.

I did see an mp3 player in Aldi. I asked the manager there if it was compatable with Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit and Winamp,but after reading the instruction booklet,he said no it wasn't.Still never mind.

Thanks for your kind help and input though.Its greatly appreciated.

Big L 266

  bremner 08 Nov 10

click here and it say Winamp is iPod compatible.

Vista is no problem.

  Big L 266 09 Nov 10


bremner....Thanks for that link. I've had a read of the Winamp/iPod compatability and am heading for the Winamp forums to find out more. I did have a quick look on Amazon for iPod prices - they sure are expensive especially when I only want to buy one for music use. Thank goodness for smelling salts!

I might go for one of their clip-on players.It would serve me well around my bungalow or when I go for a snooze.

Thank you for this.

Big L 266


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