MP3 player-don't understand it!!

  AngeTheHippy 08:53 13 Aug 06

Morning Chaps,

My Son has given me an MP3 player(minus user manual..)he's fed up with. No brand name on it, it's 1/2Gb, and uploads from PC fine. No probs there. I can listen, fast-frwd etc also without problem, but what's REALLY bugging me is if for example I'm listening to a talking book (maybe 40 mins duration)I cannot for the life of me discover how, if I turn it off after say, 15 mins listening, power down then when powering up again and carry on from where I left off. Son isn't forthcoming, I don't think he used it that much to be honest. Found this model, click here , it's virtually identical to, but minus the FM radio. Please if anyone knows how to pick up where last left, please advise.

Thanks a lot,


  Al94 10:07 13 Aug 06

No expert on this but you will need ebook reading software otherwise the player will start your file from the beginning each time

  dms05 11:17 13 Aug 06

Perhaps you could split the large file into several smaller files before you load it onto your mp3 player. I guess someone will know a free software package (like Audacity) that will do this efficiently.

  AngeTheHippy 12:01 13 Aug 06

Thanks for this - don't think we're on the same wavelength... It's an audio file, not ebook.


  AngeTheHippy 12:39 13 Aug 06

What an absolutely fantastic bit of software!! Didn't know it existed! Seems easy enough, now for an afternoon of 'playing' !!

Thanks so much.


  Al94 13:42 13 Aug 06

Sorry, I meant audio book not ebook!

  Al94 13:44 13 Aug 06

click here is where I got audiobooks on the past and software to play on any mp3 player is included

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