Motorola Razr2 V8

  Forum Editor 28 Apr 08

Does anyone know where I can buy an extended battery for this phone?

  MAT ALAN 28 Apr 08

click here

Not this side of the pond peter, its the closest i can get...

  MrCutter 29 Apr 08

click here
For a full search click here=

  MrCutter 29 Apr 08

1st link is UK based in Birmingham if that helps.

  Forum Editor 29 Apr 08

Many thanks, but that battery, and those search returns are for RAZR V3 batteries, and I'm not sure they will be any good - I need one for a RAZR2 V8

  MCE2K5 29 Apr 08

USA - Genuine Motorola Lithium Battery BX40: click here $19.50

UK - Genuine Motorola Lithium Battery BX40: click here £16.95

  MCE2K5 29 Apr 08

Portsmouth UK - Genuine Motorola Original BX40 RAZR2 V8 V9 Battery click here £9.99

Loads more here Peter click here

  Forum Editor 30 Apr 08

Thank you, but those are all standard batteries - I can get those almost anywhere. I need an extended one, as mentioned in my original post.

  donki 01 May 08

I can only find to different types of battery for that phone, the 700mAh and the 740mAH. Obviously one has a greater capacity but I wouldnt really call it extended. Are you sure such a battery exsists?

oh, I bought an extended battery for my old N73 and tbh i noticed not that great a difference.

  Forum Editor 01 May 08

I've been told that one exists, although I must say I'm beginning to have doubts. The phone comes with a BX40 battery as standard, and although it's OK it doesn't have a particularly long interval between charges.

  MCE2K5 01 May 08

Li-Ion Extended Battery for Motorola RAZR2 V8 / V9m click here

Product Description
Stay connected with your family and friends by getting extra battery power today! This replacement battery has an integrated microchip that prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life. Best replacement for the original Motorola SNN5809A / SNN5810Aextended battery with comparable standby and talk time. Great bargain with excellent quality guaranteed! Type: Generic / Aftermarket Cell type: Lithium Ion Voltage: 3.7V Weight: 2 oz Color: White Extended battery door sold seperately The battery operation time depends on conditions such as: Transmitting power level Signal (distance between the phone and the base station) Network parameters defined by the operator. Compatible with: Motorola RAZR2 V8 / V9 / V9m


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