mono to suround sound

  Devil Fish 19:45 15 Jun 06

cut a long story short
have been given a set of 5.1 suround sound speakers by a friend who has just purchased new ones
however on closer inspection my TV DVD And VCR all have mono output left right channel

The Question is is there a converter to allow surround sound run off mono

i hope i am makindg sense

thanks in advance

  brundle 20:04 15 Jun 06

A mono source wouldn't contain enough information for a surround sound processor to er...process.

  wee eddie 21:49 15 Jun 06

The minimum will be Stereo

  Devil Fish 22:10 15 Jun 06


what i have is analog audio out red socket right channel white socket left channel i have 3 leads that came with the surround kit these are 2 into 1 leads
according to the manual my dvd player /tv requires 6 sockets

Left And Right
centre and subwoofer
rear left and rear right

what i need is to know is their a box or gadget i can put between the dvd player /tv and the sub with a 2 channnel input and six chanel output as described above


  DieSse 22:44 15 Jun 06

Two outputs, left and right channel is stereo, not mono.

Here's a basic article on what you can do to get a "sort-of" surround sound effect. click here

  DieSse 22:52 15 Jun 06

Alternatively, you need to buy an AV receiver, which will take stereo inputs from your various sources, and output them to surround sound speakers. You will only get true surround sound from surround sound encoded sources, of course - such as DVDs noted as having surround sound.

  Devil Fish 22:58 15 Jun 06

thank you all for your respones

i can do it by putting surround sound amp av

appologies if i was a bit vague

thank you for the link DieSse very helpfull

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