Monitors - which would you choose?

  numskull 23 Feb 10

Can't decide between an Iiyama E2209HDS or a Viewsonic VX2260WM.
I have read that the Viewsonic has a very annoying, bright LED light.

  numskull 23 Feb 10
  numskull 23 Feb 10

Other suggestions would be welcome.

  gengiscant 24 Feb 10

I have been having the same problem.
I initially was looking for a big monitor,bigger than my Acer AL2202w widescreen monitor that I have had for a couple of years now, and have been very pleased with.
I have now decided on this one after much research
click here
yes it is not cheap but it has excellent reviews and has IPS as apposed to a TN screen.

  numskull 25 Feb 10

That one is just a bit expensive.

  Grantrh 18 Mar 10

I have a viewsonic one at work and I am not particularly impressed, either in build quality or display.
I would go with the Iiyama.

  AL47 19 Mar 10

i also have a u2410 and its the best monitor ive ever seen in real life

i got mine for a tad under 400, but its way more than your others

  sunnystaines 20 Mar 10

i spent ages looking at monitors a few months back and it came down to either a dell ultrasharp or samsung t24

a pack of wrong info from the dell indian call centre put me off. the sales line just agreed with everything you asked without checking the spec which destroyed any confidence in placing a order.

i bought a samsung from a local richards shop outlet which was cheaper that a net order.

  numskull 24 Mar 10

I bought an iiyama E2208hds in the end.

  Terry Brown 25 Mar 10

I bought a Hanns G from MISCO, using with digital output, excellent graphics & colour, price very reasonable.

  jitendrasnv 30 Mar 10


If i would be at your place then i will chose the view-sonic as it has good picture quality and better resolution also.


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