Mobirewards is it a virus?

  awest3 14 Jul 12

My route to safari is blocked on my iPhone by something called mobirewards. I appear to be the 10000th visitor and have won a reward. It's put up a dialogue which only has one button 'press ok to continue' . I'm loathe to do so. I can't see a way around this. Is there anyway to get rid of it without pressing ok?

  Nontek 14 Jul 12

Just a guess , but try removing the battery for a while, when you replace the battery the rogue might be gone!

  Nontek 14 Jul 12

Google say - not a virus, but it is a Scam!

  awest3 14 Jul 12

thanks for these, I took the battery out and restarted to no avail I'm afraid, it was still there.I needed to use safari so in the end I hit ok.

Nothing serious seemed to happen just another screen asking me to get in touch with them to claim my reward.....yeah right!

At home I've blocked the site through my router. When I'm out using 3g I suppose they could try again.

All seems ok at the moment, the site is not registered, '' that is, so I suppose as mentioned its a scam.

Thanks again


  awest3 14 Jul 12

Thats interesting..! I could not post my reply at first. I had to take the block off the site ''. I've put the block back on and am testing it..I've taken out a few characters from the affending web site name as I think its checking the words in the post..we shall see.

  awest3 14 Jul 12

yep that seems to be it..all ok so long as I dont put the website name in the post...


  Nontek 14 Jul 12

OK, thanks for your feedback.


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