Mobile phone locators

  Picklefactory 28 Mar 08

Has anyone used one of those child locator mobile tracking systems? There seem to be loads of them on the web, but they don't sound very confident in their consistency or accuracy. Was chatting to colleague, who's worried about his daughter's whereabouts when out, I said I'd check the net for him, but info is varied and often conflicting.
Any first hand experience anyone?

  Woolwell 29 Mar 08

My mobile allows me to use Google maps and then I can get it to put my location on the map using the mobile phone location service click here
. The first time I used it it placed me about 10 miles away it now places me about 1500 metres away which is of not much use.

Does this help?

  Picklefactory 30 Mar 08

Sorry, you've misunderstood. I'm looking at the services whereby you can locate another mobile through the internet to see where they are. A friend of mine is concerned as to the whereabouts of his daughter when she's out with friends.

  Woolwell 30 Mar 08


I was not too far out. Some mobile phone tracking works by knowing which mast the phone is transmitting to and from. The accuracy depends greatly on the density of the masts. In my area the nearest mast is about 1500 metres away hence my comment that it was not much use. In a more built up area where there are more masts then the accuracy will be better. I think that this description is reasonably accurate click here

  Acx 31 Mar 08

Its nice in theory
but it can only ever tell you where the mobile phone is (not is daughter) even then it wont tell him that she is in this house or that house (just roughly).

As soon as she wises up to the fact that her mobile is being tracked (and she probably will as most send a text to the phone telling them they are being tracked) - it becomes pointless.

  Picklefactory 31 Mar 08

Thanks folks.
I'm not intending on getting into the effectiveness of the theory side of it, though I agree entirely with your views, I simply volunteered myself to try and find some technical info on how effective it is or not. The rest I will leave as his business. I was hoping to find someone who may have used it to give some feedback on how well it worked/didn't work.
Re: masts, we're in Birmingham, so I would expect there to be plenty around. (Assumption, I know).

  MCE2K5 31 Mar 08

Is this click here the Type of Mobile Tracking System Needed.

  Picklefactory 01 Apr 08

That's the animal. I can find plenty, what I'm after is any experience of how good they are/aren't.


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