Mobile & Internet anywhere required

  griffo 05 May 08

I need a new mobile phone and I need a means of getting my laptop online when away from home, when no landline is available.

Can anyone recommend a way of addressing both needs in one package/deal please?

  Forum Editor 05 May 08

can be extremely expensive, but your network will almost certainly offer a mobile broadband service that works via your phone and a USB modem for your laptop.

My network offers a monthly service for £15, or 'pay by day' service at £4 per day. You simply plug the USB modem (looks like a memory stick) into the laptop and go online anywhere that you can get a phone signal. It works very well.

  griffo 05 May 08

Thanks for the reply. Are you saying that it's cheaper to separate the two requirements, rather than use the phone as a modem?

  Forum Editor 05 May 08

to access the internet you'll pay massive data-transfer charges - it's the most expensive way there is of connecting. Choose your phone, and then sign up for one of your network's laptop broadband packages - there'll probably be several to choose from.

Then you can fire up your laptop, turn on your phone, and surf the web on the laptop, safe in the knowledge that there's a fixed cost - either monthly or daily. The network will cap your data transfer - probably at around 3Gb a month - but it should be more than enough for normal internet/email use.

  griffo 06 May 08

At present I am on pay as you go. My call useage is very modest as I mostly use email. I am with Orange and their signal coverage is as good as any in the area where I need to use this technology (when away from home).

Are you able to suggest a suitable phone(s) that I could/should consider and an appropriate tarrif please?

  Miked1 06 May 08

I went with Three and got their £10 (18 month contract, 1GB data allowance) Mobile Broadband package. The USB modem cost about £49.99 and I get speeds between 0.8Mbps and 1.1Mbps. Found some other providers listed here:

click here

It's only good for basic surfing and e-mail but I'm quite happy, especially since I have to move around a lot during the day.

  griffo 06 May 08

Thanks for the reply. Vodafone would appear to have much better performance than the others, I wonder if they are in reality?

  griffo 17 May 08

Can I try an earlier question worded another way - what 'type' of mobile should I consider, to be able to connect it to my laptop to get mobile internet? I believe there are phones that do this via a USB cable, thereby removing the need for a 'Dongle' (who thinks up these names?).


  griffo 18 May 08

Can anyone please suggest a site where I might find the answers I'm seeking?

  Forum Editor 21 May 08

I've recently been asked to try my network provider's mobile broadband system on my laptop, and I'm now the proud possessor of a snazzy little USB network adapter. It plugs into the laptop, and quite simply gives me broadband access wherever I am, as long as there's mobile network coverage.

It costs £15 a month, and is billed on my mobile phone account in the usual way - I received a separate SIM card which lives in the USB adapter, and my phone carries on as normal - the mobile broadband is a completely separate service.

I've been using it for around five days now, and so far I'm very pleased with it. The adapter was immediately recognised by Vista (it works with Win XP, too), and I was prompted to allow it to install its own software, which is on the USB stick. Once that was done I just fired up Internet Explorer, and I was connected automatically - the whole thing took a couple of minutes.

  peter99co 25 May 08

I am with '3' and pay £15 for 3 gig per month.

Do not take the SIM from the usb adapter. I think it may give problems.


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