Mixing, Joining, Burning MP3 Track

  Paul33 09:17 06 Nov 06

I need to mix together two MP3 tracks so that there is a slight overlap and then save the resulting "mix" to MP3.

I can find mixing software and can mix in real time but can't find any means of recording/saving the mix.

Anybody know of any software to do the job ..... preferably freeware or trial version as this is a one-off ?

  De Marcus™ 10:34 06 Nov 06
  Paul33 11:50 06 Nov 06

Okay ..... I must be thick because I've used Audacity for years and didn't think it could do this.

Does anybody have a high-level step-by-step guide to getting TWO tracks into Audacity, mixing them so that they ovelap and then saving to MP3 ?

  De Marcus™ 12:02 06 Nov 06

I've no idea where to find a guide but the blurb on the audacity website does state that it can "Cut, copy, splice, and mix sounds together." Unfortunately I'm not a user so can't help further. Perhaps the tutorials might give a clue click here

  Paul33 13:04 06 Nov 06

It can mix from two different sources (eg: using a microphone) but I can't see evidence that it can mix two MP3s.

  De Marcus™ 13:18 06 Nov 06

That's a shame, I'd of thought Audicity would have had an option for this.

This one can, it's what I use but I didn't recommend it in the first place as it's not as well known as Audicity but here you go. click here

You insert or mix your second track by using the edit > paste from file option.

  De Marcus™ 13:24 06 Nov 06

Or wavepad 2.0 is free and much easier to use click here

  De Marcus™ 13:32 06 Nov 06

Quick mix using wavepad (you'll need your speakers turned on) click here

  Paul33 15:08 06 Nov 06

Thanks for your help but I downloaded a trial version of AtomixMP3 which did the job brilliantly ...... nice piece of software !

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