Missed call/message received alarm

  daconnor 20:22 PM 12 Nov 07

I'm looking for a mobile that will give some sort of extra notification that a call has been missed or message received and not read.

This might be a flashing LED or an audible alarm of some sort.

I had an old Motorola that used to do this but I'm struggling to find something available today.

Any ideas please?

  youtruth 21:50 PM 12 Nov 07

The Motorola L6 is fairly cheap and bleeps after a missed call.

  daconnor 22:23 PM 12 Nov 07

..that's a start (though it does get a bit of a slagging in the reviews).

Any others?

  PP321 08:02 AM 13 Nov 07

As youtruth said, after a missed call/text most motorola's (newer ones) give an audible beep every 60 or 120 seconds (i cant remember which) .

Other than that, my old Samsung E710 has a very bright flashing white LED which flashes constantly until the text is read. A hugely usefull feature, and one of the only phones ive ever come across that do it.

  daconnor 19:49 PM 13 Nov 07

OK, I'll have a closer look at the current Samsung and Motorola phones.

Thanks to both of you - much appreciated.

  tricia321 16:35 PM 13 Dec 07

I have a V3 which tells me every few minutes if I have a missed call or message

  tricia321 16:36 PM 13 Dec 07

sorry, forgot to say that it is a motorola Razor V3

  ayrmail 22:05 PM 27 Dec 07

vodafone call you twice then text if you miss a call you untill you learn to turn it off!
click here
this one has a blue led that flashes when youve missed a call.

  superhoops 17:51 PM 31 Dec 07

The new LG Viewty will alert you every 2,5 or 10 minutes of a missed text message. Think it will also tell you of missed call but not sussed that bit out yet

  tullie 11:21 AM 01 Jan 08

Very handy if your in bed

  superhoops 15:31 PM 01 Jan 08

It can be turned off in the options! Actually a very useful option as if you dont hear a text message come through it can be hours later til you realise otherwise


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