MicroSD Cards for the BB 9000

  Shamrock Holmes 23:33 22 Mar 10

I am receiving a replacement for my faulty Blackberry Bold 9000 by courier tomorrow, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to replace the high-capacity Micro SDHC card for the 9000 that I lost when a previous unit was stolen.

The old SDHC card was an 8GB one, but with prices dropping a little at the high end, I'm wondering if it would be worth getting a 16GB one?

Does anyone know if the BB 9000 can accept 16GB cards or is 8GB the max? Any particular makes/models that you'd recommend if so? The generic bundled 1GB SD card is a SanDisk, so I reckon that brand is probably a resonable bet?

Shamrock Holmes

  Strawballs 21:58 26 Mar 10

I can't find anything on the max capacity on the Blackberry site but if you want 8gig sandisk for £11:49 click here=


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