Memory full on my Samsung Galaxy Ace

  918 13:20 28 Jan 15

Hi i've tried deleting it from YT vids, but they where a waste of time,i even tried going back to factory settings, but then when i put just two apps on, it said "Memory Full" Cheers Baza

  mole1944 18:42 28 Jan 15

I had a galaxy ace nice phone but the amount of usable memory was shockingly poor,gave it away and got myself a galaxy S3.As you say two apps and it was full,some apps you can move or they will install to the micro sd card.

  918 20:59 28 Jan 15

Cheers for the reply,daft thing is my wife has the same phone,and the memory on it, is as good as her's ;-)

  918 22:31 01 Feb 15

Now sorted,Thanks

  lotvic 16:19 02 Feb 15

918, you're supposed to tell us how you sorted it, to help others that get the same problem :)

  918 17:48 02 Feb 15

Sorry, i had two phones both Samsung Galaxy Ace's, both with different problems,lets just say the one with the "full memory" i've decided to put on the back burner, Cheers Baza

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