Memory card size for Panasonic Lumix FZ38

  BingoBoy 19 May 10

The Lumix FZ38 is a hydrid camera that takes HD movies with stereo sound. Could anybody recommend what would be a decent size memory card in terms of capacity and/or gives details of how many pictures or movies different size cards hold on average?

Thought I had just posted this but it does not seem to have appeared.

  jack 19 May 10

Does this not give an indication of card type, max capacity handled, volume of data stored.
I would be very surprised if it did not
A Google gives a page of reviews for example
click here

  BRYNIT 19 May 10

From the operating instructions that you should have with your Camera or you can down load it from the Panasonic web site.

A quick look through the instructions the camera will take SDHC cards from 4-32GB. A 4GB card will take hundreds of picture but for for movies you will need a larger card as at the highest setting your camera will use 17MB/s. Remember when deciding a SDHC card you will need one that record at a speed of at least 20MB/s.

  awest3 19 May 10

The camera uses SD (secure Digital) or SDHC (secure digital high capacity) cards. These come in various options most usfully the 1 gig to 32 gig versions. You need to think about how you are going to use the camera. I tend to use 4 gig cards which hold lots of photo's even at the best resolution...never take any pictures at anything but the best resolution, theres no need and you can do so much more with higher resolutions such as blowing up and/or cropping and still have good detail. I use these (4 gig) because they are fairly cheap and I can swop them over for safe keeping if I'm travelling. Make sure you check the speed class on the SD cards you buy as the very cheap ones use class 2, much better with 4 or 6. the classes relate to the transfer speed...

  awest3 19 May 10

Brynit is right about the card size required for movies, I have a panasonic HDC sd200 camcorder and use an 8 gig card for recording....lasts for about 2 High resolution. Enjoy..!

  jack 20 May 10

As state you do need high capacity cards for movies.
but awest3 has a valid point for still images [jpeg]
several 4 gig cards give security in case of a card failure.


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