mass screenshot on galaxy3

  sunnystaines 13:24 17 Aug 12

got 120 screen shots as quick as i try and delete one another is being saved.

no idea ow to delete the lot or stop more being saved.

  sunnystaines 17:04 17 Aug 12

had to reboot to stop the screenshots multiplying then delete one at a time via gallery icon.

no idea what set it off.

  AroundAgain 01:12 18 Aug 12

Hi sunnystaines

I wonder if you have been (inadvertantly) causing screen capture. There is a feature whereby, if ticked in the appropriate settings, that you can take a screen capture by swiping the side of your hand across the screen, either to the left or the right.

So, maybe this has been happening without you realising, hence then having so many to delete?

This explains better than I do! Hope it helps you


  sunnystaines 09:14 18 Aug 12


thanks so far it has not restarted.

still on the galaxy learning curve

  AroundAgain 11:37 18 Aug 12

Yep, same here. Brilliant mobile, though, don't you agree? Perhaps we should start an S3 help and tips page ;)

BTW, after posting, I then found out you can take screen shot by pressing the power button at the same time as pressing the 'home' button which is more likely to be done if you are holding the phone and not realising you are putting pressure on the power button at the same time as pressing home button.

Some very interesting and useful videos on Youtube although not always easily followed. Search Galaxy S3, of course


  sunnystaines 16:46 18 Aug 12


the offending tick has been removed now.

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