making images smaller

  veronm1978 14:45 01 Apr 08

Hey all,
I want to upload some photos on to my bebo page but some of the images are to big and they won't accept them. I know there are more then likely thousands of ways to do this and thousands of applications but i was wondering if anyone knows of one that's free and easy to make images that bit smaller in order to upload them. I would really appreciate your help on this matter
Many thanks in advance

  ceepee19 15:54 01 Apr 08

You could try IrfanView - you just open an image and resize it using Image/Resize. Dead easy to use and completely free.

  veronm1978 20:37 01 Apr 08

Cheers for that i will give it a try appreciate your help on this matter

  keef66 12:16 02 Apr 08

or there's an image resizer available from Microsoft. Just Google for Powertoys.

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