lower multiple audio file volume levels, at once?

  theDarkness 12 Aug 10

I am using audacity to lower wav and mp3 volume levels (using its 'normalisation' effect at -10 dB). I need to do this for over 20 audio files, as I am creating a family dvd with multiple photo galleries, each having their own background music. If I do not lower the volume, all of the sound is far too loud on the final dvd playing on any tv and headphones. The program I am trying to make my dvd galleries does not having a volume levelling option (corel moviefactory) for added audio.

So I am wondering if there is a similar tool to audacity that would lower the volume of all my audio files automatically, if I stated which folder they were all in? I do not need to have differing volume levels for each file, only to lower them all in general (eg by -10dB as above) and then let the program do its job. Can anyone recommend anything?

thanks very much for any help

  theDarkness 13 Aug 10

hi, thanks for the reply :) I found out the normalisation feature in moviefactory only works if I add video, and not any photo galleries I create, so I would not need to use it. when I do add video clips, I believe most to be loud enough as it is (even if some clips are slightly lower than others, the "normalisation" effect would not help in lowering any video that I believed to be of a high enough level already!).

normalisation in moviefactory is not available for any photo galleries I would create with added audio/music, but even if it was, I would doubt if it would let me lower any volume levels, which is what I was wanting to do-it would probably, as you say, only try to increase the volume of all my videos to a similar level. audacity was my best best, as I could lower volume levels by setting normalisation levels to less than 0.

I didnt realise that batch processing was available for audacity, thanks for the link

  DieSse 21 Aug 10

MP3Gain does this.

click here


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