Losing GPS Signal on Moto G

  Peter Lanky 18:36 13 Jan 15

I have been trying out a number of GPS based apps to monitor my walking. However on each one I have tried out, I lose the signal at some stage and it does not reconnect.

I have used Endomondo, Runkeeper and a couple of other apps whose name I forget, and I use an original unmodified 16GB Moto G phone running Android 4.4.4

I have mentioned this to a couple of friends who have also lost GPS but then it soon reconnects for them 9different phone), but with me as soon as the signal is lost, that's the end of it for the rest of the walk. There is no specific location where the problem happens, but in the last couple of days I've lost the signal on high ground with no buildings around on a cloudless day.

The forums specific to these apps seem remarkably lacking on any reasonable reason for a problem which seems to be routine. I lose the signal on more than 50% of the days I use the apps, rendering them pretty much useless unless I find a solution.

  alanrwood 18:54 13 Jan 15

Sounds like faulty intermittent GPS hardware in the phone. If it is still in warranty get it looked at by wherever it was purchased from.

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