Losing Channels on Panasonic TV

  Border View 10 Jan 13

We have a Panasonic TX-P42U30B television. After problems with "No Service" on Channel 10 - ITV3 and Channel 31 5USA or anor channel 5 I retuned the TV. I no longer have Channels 10, 31 and 16 (QVC) on the list of channels available. There may be more, I haven't noticed.

When I switch reception to a digital receiver the channels are there. We have a Samsung TV upstairs and the channels are there.

I've been through everything on the menu that I thought might help without success. The software is the latest available.

Is anyone else having similar problems? Can anyone please suggest a remedy?

  Border View 10 Jan 13

Doing a google it would appear that this is a common fault with a Panasonic TV. No specific remedy.

I've turned the TV off at the mains and let it stand for 20 minutes.

Checked that all the wires are properly connected.

Restored it to Shipping Condition and it retuned automatically - still missing at least three channels.

Retuned it countless times. I am stumped.

  Border View 10 Jan 13

Sent an e-mail to Panasonic - will keep you updated with their response.

  Border View 10 Jan 13

From another thread, I discovered that my problem was the local transmitter Pontop Pike. Not my Panasonic TV although they seem more prone than others.

Anyway, TV does its own thing looking for new channels. Before I could even click on menu to do a rescan, hubby said that a notice had come up saying found new channels click OK to install. Bingo ITV3, QVC, 5* and 5USA are back. Phew, thought the Panasonic was up the spout.

Will give this one a green tick. Will be interesting to see how long it takes Panasonic to reply to my e-mail.

  Border View 28 Jan 13

Amazing - 18 days later Panasonic have responded to my e-mail asking if I still have the problem. (Due to technical problems). Would have been tearing my hair out if I hadn't resolved it with the help of this forum nearly three weeks ago. Lesson to be learned somewhere.


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