Long range web cam: must be ethernet or wireless

  dreambrian 18:16 30 Mar 06

I live on the edge of a harbour and want to put a camera in one of my upstairs windows and transmit the changing view to my website.

I don't need live video and will be happy with a static image that changes every 10 seconds.
(However, it would be nice to know if I can put live video on the website easily.)

The PC is located in my 'Home office' which is about 100 yards away from the proposed camera location so USB is no good. It needs to be wireless or ethernet connected to the PC.

The camera also needs to be one that will take longish distance pictures unlike a normal webcam that lives on the desk and is made to take a close shot of your face.
It also needs to be able to adjust for sunny/cloudy conditions automatically as it will be aimed out to sea.

I'd like to keep the cost to around £150 but could go over that if neccesary.

Could anyone help me find out what I should be looking for.


  HondaMan 10:58 31 Mar 06

You could try Maplins.

  ICF 08:08 02 Apr 06
  dreambrian 08:35 02 Apr 06

Thanks for this ICF. KGB cameras looks perfect for what I need.

Surprisingly, I tried 2 different Maplins stores and they were both completely hopeless.
The best they could offer me was a surveillance camera that needed a card in the pc.............not a problem but when I said I'd try it they replied that they didn't supply the PC card, only the camera....

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