liteon 5006 - difficulty setting up

  oldbeefer2 09:31 04 Nov 05

The liteon manual is not great - anyone tell me how to set up the Guide Channel Numbers? Also, when I click 'edit' to arm the PDC facility in Videoplus, the red flag disappears when I exit and the recording doesn't seem to be controlled by the PDC. Any help appreciated - my wife is close to throwing the box out of the window and going back to a video player!

  BRYNIT 14:44 04 Nov 05

Down loading and reading throught the instructions from liteon web page click here

1. Turn on the TV set and the DVD-Recorder, and press [SOURCE] to switch your TV’s input source to “AV.”

2. Press [EDIT] to bring up the “Channel Editor” menu, press [?] [?] to select one of the “TV Channel” and press [?].

3. Press [?] [?] to select the “VIDEO Plus+” icon and press [ENTER].
The display for entering a “Guide Channel Number (GCN number)” appears.

4. Press [?] [?][?] [?] to enter the “Guide Channel Number (GCN number)”and press

5. To set the GCN number for other channels, repeat from step 2 to 4. Or, press [?] [?][?]
[?] to select the “EXIT” icon and press [ENTER] to save the setting and exit the “Channel
Editor” menu.

  BRYNIT 14:46 04 Nov 05

The ? are the up down left and right on the remote.

  oldbeefer2 16:25 04 Nov 05

Thanks Brynit, but what number has to be inserted - is it the same as the TV channel number? Richard

  BRYNIT 16:35 04 Nov 05

Have you tuned Tv station into the DVD recorder.

  BRYNIT 16:52 04 Nov 05

Reading through the instruction of my video recorer when you first enter a Videoplus number for the first time you have to input the channel number.

If the videoplus number was for a program on BBC1 you would input the number allocated for BBC1. I think part of the videoplus number relates to the channel and remembers this. you would then have to do the same for the other channels.

This may be the problem you are having.

  oldbeefer2 18:50 04 Nov 05

Yes, the recorder has been tuned to the usual 5 channels. Perhaps the actual transmitter channel number for BBC 1 etc is what they mean by 'guide channel number'?

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