Linking TV to DVD and Sky box

  tardis100 16:10 29 Mar 07

I have a TV with only one scart and a DVD and Sky box with 2 scart sockets. Presumably I put a scart from TV to Sky box then using the 2nd scart socket I link the sky box up to the DVD - but then if I put a scart into the 2nd DVD socket there is nowhere for it to go!! Do I need to get a scart extension for the TV? Sorry to sound clueless - that's just what I am! Does it matter which order I link things up and that also includes what order linking the aerial lead too. Thanks for any help.

  postie24 16:41 29 Mar 07

Firstly is the dvd player a recordable one?

  tardis100 18:23 29 Mar 07

thanks for the reply - yes the DVD is a DVD-R

  Monoux 18:53 29 Mar 07
  tardis100 19:36 29 Mar 07

thanks for that it looks as if I should be able to get that fixed up. Appreciate all the help from these forums.

  tardis100 21:25 29 Mar 07

I'm back with another question. The diagrams from the above link look really good but I notice that the scart goes from the TV to the Sky box and then to the DVD-R but is not returned to the TV. Now that's good for me because my TV only has one scart - but my question is would it be advantageous to complete the link back to the TV or does it just not matter? And if it would be better is it just a matter of using an extension? I have one that has the scart plug at one end and a block of 3 sockets on the other. Sorry if I appear stupid - I probably am!!

  postie24 22:09 29 Mar 07

Hi there ,theres no need to complete the link 2 the will all feed back thru sky box

  tardis100 22:20 29 Mar 07

thanks for all the help I feel confident to go ahead now.

  lester1 22:39 31 Mar 07

Very helpful bookmarked

  paul110 12:36 02 Apr 07

That is very interesting.

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