Linking laptop to tv

  orangejuice 11:12 17 Oct 07

Can i link my laptop to tv? I have no s-video, only a 15pin out. (so i can watch live streaming on the tv instead of laptop).

Is it possible to connect 15 pin out, to scart on tv? Or is this not possible, and means i'd need a new laptop or video card??



  crosstrainer 12:28 17 Oct 07

Laptops have at least an analouge (ordinary dsub monitor connector on the rear. If your TV has one of these, then it's just a matter of connecting them with a monitor cable. What make and model is your laptop, and TV?

  orangejuice 18:45 17 Oct 07

its an acer travelmate 2420 series (only 15pin out or usb), the tv is a philips LC171w03-c4 (has s video in; scart; and DVI-D (HD/PC) connection) if that helps??

Thanks for the quick response much appreciated!!


  interzone55 20:13 17 Oct 07

The DSub, if you can connect that to the TV, doesn't carry audio signals, so you will also need a connection from your laptop's audio line out to the TV.

  orangejuice 11:00 18 Oct 07

Ive been trying to find out what type of cable i could get to link the laptop through the d'sub to the tv?

Is their such a thing as VGA d'sub to scart / s-video?

Their is another connection on my tv but im not sure what it is


  edfar101 18:54 25 Nov 07

For a small fee you can get loads of channels direct over the internet into windows media player, and yes there are other options. for more info go to:
click here


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