LCD or Plasma

  Thatslife 17:50 08 Mar 07

I was going to buy:

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but a friend told me I should go for a plasma rather than LCD as I watch a lot of football.

He said LCDs show a lot of ghosting when showing football.

I've never heard about this - Is he right? Shoulf I be going for a plasma

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:20 08 Mar 07

LCD pixel response times have improved to the point where ghosting is no longer a problem.

  postie24 19:36 08 Mar 07

32 inch or below i would say go for lcd,37 inch or above go for plasma,a friend of mine has a 40 inch sony brava which suffers from ghosting

  Thatslife 20:32 08 Mar 07

Thia is a common argument. Some say it's ok, some not. Maybe it down to what we find ok personally.

I'm not sure it's entirely to do with response times. My VX924 has a reponse time of 3m/s and the football somehow doesn't look quite right on it.

I was wondering whether the brightness or contrast ratio made a difference with this sort of thing?

Does anyone have an LCD TV they'd recommend?

  ArrGee 22:18 08 Mar 07

I hope this is of help...from the manufacturer of both (they should know)!

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  Stuartli 00:11 09 Mar 07

The general rule has been LCD for smaller models and plasma for the large screen sizes.

However, the technology is changing all the time.

I was in the Liverpool John Lewis outlet today and had a good look at the large number of flat panel sets on display.

Frankly, in view of the fact that many of them cost midway between £2,000 and £3,000, I was quite disappointed (taking into account that some of the sets were displaying DVD or other similar sources).

Those that were showing live BBC News 24 displays, whatever the make, certainly wouldn't have made me dig out the credit card, particularly the 50in models.

Best HD displays (but using DVDs or BlueRay) were the Sony Bravia and Panasonic sets.

  ArrGee 12:04 09 Mar 07

How about one of these for a couple of grand! Upto 80 inch display and childhood memories to boot!

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  Stuartli 14:40 09 Mar 07

An interesting thought..:-)

However, the club I use has a £2,500 Toshiba overhead projection unit with 72in screen (which can be rolled up and out of view when not in use).

The picture quality is quite staggering, along with the very accurate colours, and watching football on Sky is a brand new experience.

However, once the bulb begins to go, it's downhill until an (expensive) replacement bulb is fitted.

  Thatslife 16:16 09 Mar 07

Thanks for the views.

It seems plasma had the edge, at least for now over LCD for the bigger screens.

Now I know it's a plasma that will suit me better, I have to find one I like!!


  ArrGee 00:05 10 Mar 07
  Southernboy 14:52 20 Mar 07

dead pixels on LCD television sets? They would be continually irritating.

I do not believe that CRT TV sets should be discontinued until it is possible to guarantee no deal pixels.

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