Kogan Phone

  tezee 21 Feb 13

Hi, Has anyone seen a test of the new Kogan phone? It seems like a great for the money but I would like to see a full technical review before I lay out the cash

  chub_tor 21 Feb 13

There are dozens of similar phones around Click Here I bought this one and it does the job pretty well. I needed dual sim and android and did not want to pay for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

  eppingo 28 Feb 13

I've bought one. It arrived more or less on time from Hong Kong but I didn't have to pay any extra charges. My expectations were low but I'm very impressed so far. The is a really good review on Techradar. It seems to be a slightly updated and kogan badged version of phones you can get off the web from China.

Both sim cards and a 32gb SD card work fine. It runs Android 4.0.4 which also works well. I like the 5 inch screen. Screen quality is similar to what you would have expected on a smartphone a couple of years ago, so not a galaxy note II. GPS seems to work OK. It can occasionally be a little slow if lots of apps are running but no worse than my iPhone. The camera is very poor though. Phone quality is much better than my iPhone so far.

I've loaded lots of my favourite apps and they all seem to work OK. I'll see what it is like in a couple of months but if you want a cheap dual sim contract free 5 inch smartphone you can't go wrong for £120.

  Forum Editor 28 Feb 13

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