Kindle - why would anyone buy one?

  Widow's Son 15:55 26 Nov 07

I'm a geek! - I love technology and have just about every gadget available.

But I'm not a mug! $400 (£200(ish)) for an ebook reader is expensive enough. To then sell ebooks for $10 (£5(ish)) is just getting the arm in. After all I could buy the paperback for the same price in my local book shop.

Savings are obviously being made on printing, transport and retail costs but aren't being passed on to the buyer.

To then charge the end user for placing their own files on to the device would be laughable if Amazon weren't serious!

Ebooks could be the way of the future - I can see huge benefits if the John Grisham's of this world were to cut out the publishers and sell direct to their readers. £1 novels would be feasible!

But it seems to me that the Kindle is doomed due to Amazon's pricing structure

  powerless 23:55 26 Nov 07

Well they sold they must have done something people like.

Not bothered myself, not read a book in.....ages.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:53 30 Nov 07

but I couldn't afford that type of money.

I'd also like a PDA so am looking for a relatively inexpensive gadget that will serve both functions.

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