Kinder for the pleasure of reading

  bixylindy 02:34 17 May 16

Hi I am looking at buying a Kinder for my children for reading. Any recommendation?

  BT 07:54 17 May 16


KINDLE perhaps?

  lotvic 12:59 17 May 16

Depends on what type of books you want the device to display. If you only want Black & White text or if you want to display books in colour with lots of pictures.

  wee eddie 13:45 17 May 16

Better to buy the books.

It'll cost you much the same and they're, more or less, indestructible and they can be shared.

I am not a Luddite, just that young kids and delicate screens are a serious health hazard

  winsontay 14:28 17 May 16

I'm looking for legends and stories are historical in nature for my brother pls PM me tnx

  Forum Editor 14:46 17 May 16

wee eddie

"It'll cost you much the same"

That's not true - many thousands of classic books are available in the Kindle store free of charge, because they are out of copyright. Take 'To kill a mockingbird' for example - cost of a paperback version is £4.99. Cost of the Kindle version £0.00.

Added to which, huge numbers of modern Kindle books are cheaper than their print versions. In the children's book section, 'Where's Santa?' in hard-cover costs £9:99, whereas you can get the Kindle edition for £3.99.

Generally speaking, Kindle books are considerably cheaper, and of course you can take a Kindle containing thousands of books with you wherever you go.

Kindles are perfect for children who want to read a lot.

  Forum Editor 14:48 17 May 16

Any recommendation?

Yes, take a look at this.

  wee eddie 15:28 17 May 16

It must depend somewhat on the age of the children.

I'm not sure if "Hungry Caterpillar" really works on a Kindle

  morddwyd 19:36 17 May 16

If you can afford it, think about a 7 or 8 inch tablet.

The Kindle app is free and you get the added bonus (?) of the internet.

  JYPX 22:04 17 May 16

I like the Kindle. Even the cheap/basic one is very good. But the most important point is that - just like a real book - it does not have a built in light. That suits me. I like to read in bed with a bright bedside lamp.

The next model up does have a built in light so think about if you want that....

I also bought the Kindle cover because I realised that I could not concentrate unless I was holding an "open book". I am sure that children who have grown up with tablets will not be encumbered by such daft considerations!

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