Just new to mobile browsing

  Muergo 19:29 15 Jul 09

I just had an upgrade from Vodafone to a Nokia 5800 for £15 a month and another £7-50 for getting on the web with limits on how much I download. Can I use any Wi-Fi network to get around Vodafone, as in Weatherspoons branches, or do I still have to go through Vodafones network?
Also if I am at a friend, can I get access through his, similarly, if he gives the OK and the password.

In other words is there a way to get a free access without using up my Vodafone allocation.

  Forum Editor 22:51 15 Jul 09


Your phone is WiFi compatible.

  dagnammit 03:12 16 Jul 09

yes. In the settings> connectivity menu you can set the phone to always ask which connection to use. Then it will pop up with the choice to use a wifi connection.

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