Junk e-mail

  baldyx 12:44 PM 24 Apr 10

I keep getting e-mails from so called banks and inland revenue refunds etc. ,despite I mark them as 'phishing Scam' as soon as i receive them in Hot mail.

How do I stop them please.
i have McAfee security software and windows XP.

  Pine Man 13:49 PM 24 Apr 10

The scams you get will be from different addresses each time so, despite marking them, they will continue unfortunately.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:49 PM 24 Apr 10

Just delete them, it is not too arduous a task.


  morddwyd 08:40 AM 25 Apr 10

"How do I stop them please."

Anyone who can do that on a permanent basis will be able to become a millionaire from selling it!

Shouldn't need saying, but don't even open them.

It lets the spammer know it's a "live" e-mail address, which they then sell on to other spammers.

  john bunyan 19:02 PM 25 Apr 10

In Outlook Express, you can click on message without opening it as morddwyd says, then block sender. It may stop repeat sendings.

  baldyx 14:29 PM 26 Apr 10

Thanks all.


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