jcb tough good advice

  acein1 10 Sep 08

hi, im just posting this info for anyone interested in buying this phone,it is available from "",for £99.99 with a vodofone prepay card installed,or for £169.99 unlocked,this is my advice, you do not have to buy the "unlocked offer" because the phone comes UNLOCKED to any network ,straight from the box,im useing it on "orange", but it also works on "t-mobile",so if its what your after just get the £99,offer and save yourself £70, thats it,just simple good advice.
ps. i love the phone ,it dose what it says on the tin,and is as tough as old boots,triband,bluetooth, and NO CAMERA, GREAT

  jmsshrff 13 Sep 08

Can anyone else confirm this because I'm after one of these phones and has the best price going!

  acein1 13 Sep 08

trust me "just go for it "

  jmsshrff 13 Sep 08

Cheers mate, will do. Going to get one sorted on Monday.

  acein1 14 Sep 08

hi post back and let me know when you get it ok

  jmsshrff 16 Sep 08

I got it today (after ordering it only yesterday, well done and it works fine with my t-mobile sim!

Cheers for the advice acein1, £70 well saved!

I am having problems getting the internet to work on it though, anyone any ideas?


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