ITV HD now on Freesat Channel 119

  Graham. 03 Apr 10

OK, no help required, but I thought you ought to know. Replies suggesting another forum will be poo-pooed.

  Woolwell 03 Apr 10

It's also available on Sky and Virgin and Freeview HD (where that is available) click here

  eedcam 03 Apr 10

Complete with bog standard stereo only sound

  audeal 03 Apr 10


  audeal 03 Apr 10

Don't remember the last time I watched ITV. Nothing of interest to me on there. So Poo Poo to them.

  Graham. 03 Apr 10

'A Touch of Frost' tomorrow?

  morddwyd 04 Apr 10

"It's also available on Sky "

Not in all ITV areas.

  eedcam 04 Apr 10

Morddwyd what area are you saying its not available in its not regional?

  bremner 04 Apr 10

It is available on Sky (178) in all ITV areas in England and Wales.

It is not yet available in Scotland due to a dispute between ITV and STV click here

  bremner 04 Apr 10

What you may not get is the ITV for your particular region, you may get ITV London. Allegedly this will change in the coming months.

It is irrelevant anyway because ITV have so few programs in HD, a few films and football.

The SD signal to the HD channel will be enhanced so the standard picture will be an improvement over the normal ITV channel

  audeal 04 Apr 10

Graham: "A Touch of frost"? To many cops, doctors yanks and soaps on TV. Not just ITV but all the blinking lot of them. POO to them all.


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