iPod Classic

  john bunyan 11 Apr 11

I have been trying to buy an iPod Classic to replace a duff one for my grand daughter. They seem in very short supply. Is a new model in the near offing? She likes the 160 gig at a lower price than the 32 gig Touch.Currys, Argos, Comet all out of stock; Apple shops have some, but my nearest store is a little far. This is one of the few items I like to buy with an extended warranty as two have gone belly up in year 2 or 3, so prefer not to buy on line.

  bremner 12 Apr 11

Opinion is divided on whether the scarcity of Classics indicted a new one on the way or it's end Classic

  bremner 12 Apr 11

*You can get one next day delivery from Apple Store Online with AppleCare Apple Store Online

  john bunyan 12 Apr 11

bremner Yes I know Apple have a few, but they only offer a 2 as opposed to a 3 year warranty extension. Argos have a 3 year (paid for)one and this is one of the few items I have found it to be worth while. I may get a 32 Gig Touch at quite a big premium as she uses only about 17 gig at present. I hope the Touch's SSD is more robust than the Classic's spinning disc. I suspect Apple are restricting supples to 3rd parties as you imply,seekimg to persuade folk to upgrade to the more expensive Touch.

  bremner 13 Apr 11


Amazon have it and they offer a three year warranty for £39.00


  john bunyan 15 Apr 11

Bremner Thanks. I think she will go for a Touch 32 gig.


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