iPlayer on laptop to TV

  HauxtonPhil 19:27 PM 08 Oct 10

I have a Phillips TV and a laptop running Windows7. I have downloaded a program on iPlayer and want to watch it on the TV. I have nice long SVGA cable with one end connected to the TV the other end to the laptop. Eventually figured out how to get the signal onto the TV, but I can't get the sound from the computer on the TV, only an underlying TV programme sound. What am I doing wrong?

Has your TV got multi inputs selection and have you selected the correct one?

  HauxtonPhil 20:08 PM 08 Oct 10

Its got a VGA socket and the ability to select different inputs, Ext1, Ext2 etc. It also has a PC button on the remote which is what I have used to get the picture. Apart from that I have no idea!

  Tim1964 20:14 PM 08 Oct 10

You need to connect the laptops headphone socket (3.5mm jack) to the TV. There should be a socket next to the VGA socket labelled "PC Audio in".

The lead is basically a 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo lead like this.

click here

Try your different inputs - see if you get Pics AND sound from any of them.

Probably Tim 1964's solution is the answer.


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