iPhone Tethering - Internet Bolt on needed?

  DJ Techz 30 Aug 09

Im thinking about getting the iphone 3GS and want to use it to get internet on my laptop(by internet tethering using the usb cable).

Do I have to have a bolt on from O2 to do this.

I have read somewhere about downloading a hack but i dont want to do this

Thanks in advance

  dagnammit 30 Aug 09

click here

A hack will invalidate your warranty on the iphone and you may be penalised with charges and/or your service suspended.

  dagnammit 30 Aug 09

"you may be penalised with charges and/or your service suspended."

I'm referring to tethering without the bolt on.

  DJ Techz 30 Aug 09

just to confirm - I DO NOT WANT TO USE THE HACK AND WILL NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, i take it you need the bolt on

Thanks for the advice

  dagnammit 31 Aug 09

I don't care if you do, so no need to shout.

Just pointing out the dangers (to anyone reading this) as statistically at least 1 in 10 jailbreak their iphone and you can brick it.

Had a guy on another forum asking for him when his jailbreak failed and he was left with an expensice paperweight just yesterday.

If you tether without the bolt on you risk getting charged a whopping price per megabyte and you'd be breaking o2's terms and conditions.

  dagnammit 31 Aug 09

that should be asking for help...


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