Iphone - no service?

  Cara2 26 Dec 09

Have tranferred my existing mobile number to my iphone - same network. This was done by my Tesco. However, I now have no service including both mobile phone or internet.

Do I have to do something else?

  Forum Editor 27 Dec 09

but still with the same network - from which I take it that you have simply moved your SIM from one phone to the other?

That's all you need to do, and the new phone will work immediately it's turned on. The SIM is what identifies you to the network, regardless of what phone it's in, provided the phone is either unlocked, or is dedicated to your network. You can't use a T-Mobile phone with a Vodafone SIM for instance.

If there's something I'm not understanding please provide a little more detail, and we'll try to fix the problem.

  Cara2 27 Dec 09

Thanks for reply.

Old sim was a regular sim and not suitable for Iphone, so number change had to be done via the service provider.

Trial and error I am now up and running in that respect, however I am trying to bluetooth my contacts and am now struggling with that.

Everthing seems in order - with both phones bluetooth set to on, but task fails. Any idea on what I could be missing?


  Cara2 27 Dec 09

Will pose new question in new thread.

  Forum Editor 27 Dec 09

to search for devices?

If so, did it find and register your old phone?


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