Internet on laptop- short (or no) contract??

  DANZIG 11 Feb 08


I've seen adverts from various company's for a little thing that sticks in the side of a laptop and (using a mobile phone) enables internet access anywhere.

I like that idea, but don't want it for a year or whatever the minimum contract is.

All I would want it for is maybe a couple of months when I'm on holiday.

Does anyone know of any company that does such a thing?


  Dizzy Bob 19 Feb 08

3 do a Pay as You Go USB modem

NOt sure of the prices I am afraid.


  DANZIG 20 Feb 08

Just had a look at their website and for that pay as you go thing you have to pay £100 for the USB modem to begin with, so thats a non-starter.

Thank You anyway!

  tullie 25 Feb 08

And of course,theres got to be 3 coverage

  DANZIG 26 Feb 08

Good point tullie...and on that point, is there a reliable, unbiased website that gives that kind of information for most, if not all, networks??

  Acx 26 Feb 08

You could use a your mobile as a modem and get Internet as part of your package (you may be restricted to mainly browsing though).

It can be done
click here

T-mobile web and walk click here

O2 do what they call a Bolt on which you can cancel after a few months click here

The down side:-
Probably not quite what you had in mind (but cheaper).
Harder to set up (the phone/laptop network that is) but you would not need extra equipment.
You would probably need a 3g phone for decent speeds.
You will have to your check operators coverage for where you are going on holiday, 3g would be best.

  DANZIG 27 Feb 08


I'll have to pop into T-mobile and do a bit of bartering!! Its still £100 for the USB modem.

  Acx 27 Feb 08

If you have a Mobile Phone that is capable of accessing the Internet you can probably use that as that as a modem, you don't need T-Mobile's £100 USB Modem (I would only look at that for long term use not short term).

  peter99co 01 Mar 08

you can purchase hot spot cards from BT for short periods I would check their website for WIFI Hotspots

  merciarich 01 Mar 08

"O2 do what they call a Bolt on which you can cancel after a few months"

The o2 bolt-ons can be changed every 90-days on pay monthly and monthly on a Pay and Go

BUT - you CAN NOT access the internet on a laptop using this bolt-on. You must not (as stated in the terms) use the phone as a modem (ie connecting it up to a laptop) and a fair usage policy applies of 200MB a month. If you go over this, expect a very VERY big bill.

If you wanted to look at the o2 option, it costs £30 for "WebMAX" on a 12 or 18 month contract. This gives you unlimited 2.0MB/s speeds via your mobile.

The best option is to go with the 3 option, pay the £99 for the modem then go Pay and Go. This is a good choice for short term use as you only top it up when you need to use it! For longer-term use, consider getting it on a 12 month contract

  Acx 02 Mar 08

Points very well put

I must agree when you say 'a fair usage policy applies of 200MB a month. If you go over this, expect a very VERY big bill'.

I did point out 'that you may be restricted to mainly browsing though' and I must admit that I did assume that the user would check prices/availability/thier online bill before coming to their own conclusions on whether to use this route.

Actually I like peter99co's suggestion the best

'You can purchase hot spot cards from BT for short periods, I would check their website for WIFI Hotspots'.


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