Internet on laptop- short (or no) contract??

  DANZIG 09:01 AM 11 Feb 08


I've seen adverts from various company's for a little thing that sticks in the side of a laptop and (using a mobile phone) enables internet access anywhere.

I like that idea, but don't want it for a year or whatever the minimum contract is.

All I would want it for is maybe a couple of months when I'm on holiday.

Does anyone know of any company that does such a thing?


  Dizzy Bob 11:25 AM 19 Feb 08

3 do a Pay as You Go USB modem

NOt sure of the prices I am afraid.


  DANZIG 08:13 AM 20 Feb 08

Just had a look at their website and for that pay as you go thing you have to pay £100 for the USB modem to begin with, so thats a non-starter.

Thank You anyway!

  tullie 09:31 AM 25 Feb 08

And of course,theres got to be 3 coverage

  DANZIG 00:29 AM 26 Feb 08

Good point tullie...and on that point, is there a reliable, unbiased website that gives that kind of information for most, if not all, networks??

  Acx 10:02 AM 26 Feb 08

You could use a your mobile as a modem and get Internet as part of your package (you may be restricted to mainly browsing though).

It can be done
click here

T-mobile web and walk click here

O2 do what they call a Bolt on which you can cancel after a few months click here

The down side:-
Probably not quite what you had in mind (but cheaper).
Harder to set up (the phone/laptop network that is) but you would not need extra equipment.
You would probably need a 3g phone for decent speeds.
You will have to your check operators coverage for where you are going on holiday, 3g would be best.

  DANZIG 00:35 AM 27 Feb 08


I'll have to pop into T-mobile and do a bit of bartering!! Its still £100 for the USB modem.

  Acx 00:56 AM 27 Feb 08

If you have a Mobile Phone that is capable of accessing the Internet you can probably use that as that as a modem, you don't need T-Mobile's £100 USB Modem (I would only look at that for long term use not short term).

  peter99co 14:38 PM 01 Mar 08

you can purchase hot spot cards from BT for short periods I would check their website for WIFI Hotspots

  merciarich 18:28 PM 01 Mar 08

"O2 do what they call a Bolt on which you can cancel after a few months"

The o2 bolt-ons can be changed every 90-days on pay monthly and monthly on a Pay and Go

BUT - you CAN NOT access the internet on a laptop using this bolt-on. You must not (as stated in the terms) use the phone as a modem (ie connecting it up to a laptop) and a fair usage policy applies of 200MB a month. If you go over this, expect a very VERY big bill.

If you wanted to look at the o2 option, it costs £30 for "WebMAX" on a 12 or 18 month contract. This gives you unlimited 2.0MB/s speeds via your mobile.

The best option is to go with the 3 option, pay the £99 for the modem then go Pay and Go. This is a good choice for short term use as you only top it up when you need to use it! For longer-term use, consider getting it on a 12 month contract

  Acx 02:49 AM 02 Mar 08

Points very well put

I must agree when you say 'a fair usage policy applies of 200MB a month. If you go over this, expect a very VERY big bill'.

I did point out 'that you may be restricted to mainly browsing though' and I must admit that I did assume that the user would check prices/availability/thier online bill before coming to their own conclusions on whether to use this route.

Actually I like peter99co's suggestion the best

'You can purchase hot spot cards from BT for short periods, I would check their website for WIFI Hotspots'.


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