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  alanwbrookes 21:06 17 May 08

I'm just an ordinary user. Does anyone have an idiot's guide to using the Sony RDR-HXD870, that means I don't have to have a Masters in computer/DVD jargon to use the thing?

The workshop manual that is provided with the machine is USELESS. Whoever wrote it should no longer be employed, or at least not in an area that joe public ever has access to.

I need pictures, and have a very simple need: I just want to record to either a DVD or the HDD from a Sony tv, and I guess if I get really advanced I may want to record from the HDD to a DVD and vice versa (there, I have used all the technical vocabulary I have available)

  Joe R 21:20 17 May 08

There are manuals here, but i'm not sure how different they will be to the original. click here

  alanwbrookes 21:44 17 May 08

Thanks but this is the standard-issue manual

  100andthirty 21:56 17 May 08

Ok, I don't have one of these, but if you previously mastered a video this shouldn't be too much trouble.

First things first. You will, in all probability, NOT be recording from the Sony TV. The HXD870 has both Freeview and and analogue tuners of its own and these will be used to record programmes.

Have you got it connected OK?

The aerial should go from the aerial socket to the HXD870 and then from the HXD870 to the TV. Either a SCART lead or an HDMI lead should connect the HXD870 to the TV too.

Now, if you have done that, can you watch a DVD?

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