Info about Kodi television sought

  recurve132 10:49 13 Feb 16

I've googled Kodi (TV streaming) but can't find some basic info about this set up. I'm used to Sky TV so when I want to watch something I use the remote to bring up the menu and then select what to watch or choose to record something if it's not on at that particular time. But what does Kodi show you ....advice gratefully received. Think you

  Jollyjohn 17:15 13 Feb 16

See here click here XBMC = Kodi TV. From the article it would appear MediaPortal is a better option.

  recurve132 09:01 14 Feb 16

Thanks for link. Media portal also seems more like what I'm used to menu wise. If anyone who currently uses either of these can add any pros and cons of either, please do so.

  recurve132 09:08 14 Feb 16

Forgot to ask, can either Kodi (XBMC) or media portal be used on your TV , without your PC needed to be on? (Ie, Once bought/downloaded can I watch TV in the living room without my PC being on in the bedroom etc)

  bigfooted 12:24 21 Mar 16

Kodi can be used without your computer but only by purchasing something like an MX box. This is a small box that connects through an HDMI cable to your TV and creates a link to your router either via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. They can cost anywhere from £25 to £100. I do not know why there is such a difference but assume you get what you pay for. One point to remember before splashing out on one is you need fast broadband, more than 10Mbps, or it will not work properly, and you will spend all your time watching it buffering. Have a look on e-bay or Amazon and you will see the different models available.

  recurve132 19:10 23 Mar 16

bigfooted - thanks for the advice, my bb speed is 'adequate' for such a device so it's touch & go....

  mart7 21:14 23 Mar 16

If using WiFi you could buy a WiFi booster

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