IceCream Sandwich upgrade for Samsung Note at last

  rickf 16:20 04 Jun 12

Got my upgrade this morning via Kies. It's great, much smoother and faster now. The new interface in soem places is very nice. I have had no problem at all contrary to some others.

  morddwyd 08:10 05 Jun 12

Thanks for the notification, but for me a total waste.

One of the reasons I upgraded to the Note was that my eyesight had deteriorated so much that I could no longer see the smaller screen of my Galaxy S.

I now find that many of my apps sit in a silly little window in the middle of the screen, and pinch to zoom has no effect, so I am reduced to using the magnifying glass again.

What's the point of a big screen, and pinch to zoom, if you can't use either?

Looks like I've got to find a Honeycomb ROM somewhere.

  rickf 10:07 05 Jun 12

Sorry you don't like the upgrade. My apps sit at the bottom of the screen and they are the same size as before. You can always move the apps to a different screen where they are less congested? I bought the note for the same reason as you but perhaps my eyesight is not as bad as yours, just a guess.

  Woolwell 17:05 05 Jun 12

I think that morddwyd's problem is that his apps are phone apps designed for phone screens and not the near tablet or tablet size screens. I have an iPad if I use an iPhone app it sits in the centre of the screen. Pinching doesn't work with those but at least most come with 2 x zoom.

  morddwyd 19:22 05 Jun 12

I meant when I open an app, or when I go to an app settings screen, it sits in a little window.

For instance, Reware Backup opens in a small window, Pocket Informant comes up in a small window.

There's a wasted big black border round the margins!

I have also found that the touch screen is now much less responsive, I have to give it a real good thump to get a response.

  rickf 19:48 05 Jun 12

Strange, my apps are just the same as b4 and I don't get the wasted black border as yours. Mine is a GT-N7000. Is yours a different model? I am flumoxed!!

  morddwyd 08:53 06 Jun 12

How peculiar!

Mine is the standard model, just like yours, and apps presented perfectly normally on Honeycomb (and on my Galaxy S on Froyo and Gingerbread as well).

Guess some deep delving on the Xda Developers site must be scheduled.

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