IBM Thinkpad and Acer projector probs

  STREETWORK 21:58 17 Oct 06

When displaying through an Acer multimedia projector using an IBM thinkpad the displayed image has a yellow cast and other colours are washed out. when the Acer OSD menu is used it displays in full colour.

I have fiddled and tweeked the display adapter for the IBM to get it to display in full colur but to no avail...

Any Ideas?...

  DieSse 17:17 18 Oct 06

Exactly how are the two connected - which ports, what cables?

  STREETWORK 18:40 18 Oct 06

Connection has been made using serial and usb. The lamp has only seen under 300 hours, and is specified for up to 2000 hrs.

I have connected the laptop to another projector and its fine, so the fault must be with the Acer projector...

  DieSse 19:43 18 Oct 06


? a serial connector?

  DieSse 19:43 18 Oct 06

Ah - d'you mean vga?

  STREETWORK 19:58 19 Oct 06

Sorted, Cable problem...

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