I want the new nokia N900

  AL47 00:51 AM 12 Sep 09

click here

i have my eye on the nokia n900 [after being dissapointed by the new iphone and the price difference between here and the US]

its a smart phone based on linux and just looks really nice, esp the resolution of the screen, its out oct 09

cant wait to try it, hope it live up to my expectations!

  Forum Editor 19:15 PM 12 Sep 09

to a situation where the holy grail of mobile devices is within our grasp. With a 32Gb internal storage capacity, and a list of applications as long as your arm ,this looks to be the nearest so far to a perfect travelling companion. At a whisper under £500 it will need to be very good indeed, however.

  AL47 19:38 PM 12 Sep 09

im really looking forward to it, none of the annoying apple crippling its hardware and there once youre in youre in attitude, i havent had a nokia since my first mobile and have never had the same brand of phone twice, but this looks amazing, 1 month!


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