I have heard that the HTC Desire

  Forum Editor 05 Jun 10

has been named as the best mobile phone in the world, and as it's available from my network provider (T-Mobile), and as I'm going to be entering a new contract in 8 weeks time I wondered if I should forget about a new Blackberry and go for the HTC.

Does anyone have any opinions on the subject?

  SimpleSimon1 07 Jun 10

Am in very similar position to FE so would also be glad of opinions. Especially, has anyone got any experience of it's Bluetooth performance and, specifically, pairing it (successfully or otherwise) with the new Honda Accord hands-free systems?


  Matt Egan 07 Jun 10

I say 'interestingly', because that usually means (a) it's rubbish or (b) it's so popular that the PR teams can't get hold of stock. Speaking to a chap I know at the BBC it is definitely the latter, and after I was having a play with one at the weekend, I can see why. It really is a nice piece of kit. Even better - we got it in the UK before they did in the States! Hence our sister title PC World calling it 'the best technology you can't buy'.

We're hoping to get a review sample soon. You can find a decent deal on the Desire via PC Advisor's Mobile Phone store:

click here

  bremner 07 Jun 10

It would be good to have a comparison with the Desire and the iPhone 4g allegedly due this month.

Having had HTC phones in the past their biggest problem was they were quite flimsy and prone to breaking. I hope this is not the case with the Desire because the review I read gave it a huge thumbs up.

  Matt Egan 07 Jun 10

Actually the HTC Desire I saw had a cracked camera, 48 hours after purchase! We're on the case to get a review, still having to wait...

  AL47 07 Jun 10

its very good, i have one, there are a few things that are worse than the iphone, but many more that are better

price aside id still go for the desire over the iphone cause of its customisation.

i have £25 a month contract
free phone
300 mins
unlimited texts
3GB soft internet limit

  AL47 07 Jun 10

oh and 18mnths not 2 years


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