HTC wildfire S orange payg

  gaslamp 12:18 PM 17 Aug 11

Hi, forgive me if this has been covered, I searched the archive. I'm thinking of getting the HTC wildfire S on orange payg. I'm new to smartphones, How does the cost per month work out? £10 top up each month free texts and free 100MB internet. Am I going to go over 100MB? I won't use internet much so if I used social network once or twice a day for an hour and perhaps google search now and then.

I'm hearing things like data packages and monthly contracts which would be best payg or monthly deal? I've tried out the phone so not really looking for reviews altho any horror stories would help or even positive stories.

I'm mainly asking about costs per month with Orange payg. Thanks for any advice.

  Woolwell 21:06 PM 20 Aug 11

How long is a piece of string? The cost depends on what you use the phone for, how much data you download, etc. Downloads depends on the type of data eg video, films = lots of data. Suggest you go into an Orange shop.

  gaslamp 21:13 PM 20 Aug 11

Yes I know my question was a bit pointless in as you are right it depends how I use it. Thanks anyway I'll tick thread. Cheers


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