HTC Sensation: Mail Has Stopped Unexpectedly

  Flopper 27 Jan 13

I have several email accounts which go to my phone, ie, Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail but they have suddenly stopped working with the above message. Any suggestions?

  HXP 27 Jan 13

Forgive me if I state the obvious but I find it best to start with the basics then work on from there.

First battery out wait 30 seconds battery back in - retest Can you surf the web ( this is checking data connection ) IF yes are you on WiFi or GPRs ( the mobile data network ) If unable to surf web then you have no data connection or the WiFi log on had failed or the mobile APN is messing - or mobile data is turned off - all things to check. ( If no data on wifi turn it off and try gprs and vice versa ) Go into your email account [menu] try refresh now If you have more than one email account it is unlikely that they would all stop at the same time If you have only one email address - delete and re add If all of the above fails then look for a software update for your handset

If you could tell us what you see on the top of the screen ( wifi symbol or GPRS symbol either G H E or 3G that would help. Also your mobile service provider and then we could look up the APN settings you need.

  Flopper 27 Jan 13

I could surf the web before and can again. I did the battery thing as you suggested but no change. Settings wise both Wi-Fi and Mobile Network are switched on. The only icons I can see at the top are for the wi-fi, the battery, the clock and the current time. I am sure there is usually another icon but I can't really describe it but I think it was the GPRS icon.

  Flopper 01 Feb 13

I reset the phone to factory default settings after backing up anything important and it now works as it should.

  jemyclarke 13 Feb 13

How could this possible? HTC is one of the best brand who make smartphones in the world. I also used HTC smartphone and it was really great device. I should contact with your official website of HTC.


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