HTC Diamond

  je-haz 16 Jul 08


I'm looking to get the HTC diamond, but it only seems available on Orange.
(I have seen it on O2 for much higher tariffs).

But I have read that orange customise it quite a lot and disable MSN.

Is this true?


  je-haz 16 Jul 08

thanks for the tips

so do you know what exactly these customisations are for the different carriers?

i dont mind it if the change the splash screen, but changing all the gui with their own naff icons is just wrong!

  Kate B 18 Jul 08

I've had an HTC Diamond Touch on loan from the PR company (and reviewed it for the Guardian last week). It's a nice phone but be warned that it suffers from memory leak and crashes from time to time. It also suffers from having the lovely but resource-hungry GUI bolted on top of the nice but resource-hungry Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and it can be sluggish, to say the least. It's a lovely phone to look at and it's got a lot going for it, but I wouldn't pay money for it meself. The only killer app for me is that it supports Exchange, as I have my personal email hosted on an Exchange server, and it handles it fairly well.

  Wirral Bagpuss 24 Aug 08

I thought HTC had issued a new ROM to overcome the bugs ??

  jaritch 28 Aug 08

Vodafone do it.

  jim303 23 Jan 09

I've had mine for about a month now.
Initially, it was slow and buggy but after I applied the ROM update it is super speedy - certainly the only usable Windows mobile I've come across.
As for the Orange worries. They have left this one alone completely. All the original software is there and no annoying orange custom software.
(I actually ended up switching networks to Orange as their HSDPA coverage is about 3 times the other networks).

  nick_j007 13 Feb 09

"Initially, it was slow and buggy but after I applied the ROM update it is super speedy - certainly the only usable Windows mobile I've come across."

I've had mine since well before xmas and like it by and large. However, the screen goes into sleep all the time during a call, and seems to be impossible to change this.

I have also lost a number of calls when I press connect/accept.

Re the do I update my ROM please?

Thank you.


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