How to turn off triple tapping!?

  DaVinci56 11:59 09 May 15

Hard to describe - had mobile in my pocket, driving the car. Suddenly a vibration, I touched a button or something, and it was a tutorial that had begun speaking, saying something like "Touch any app to hear what it is for...". I seemed to be trapped in this, couldn't exit it - a display appeared periodically saying 'Keypad disabled while tutorial in progress'. Even so, I turned it off and on a couple of times. Tutorial has now gone. But it seems to need some sort of triple-tapping to turn on an app, or enter email. Vibration is on, which I have never used, and I can't find the turn-off for that. It (triple-tap) looks to me to be some sort of disabled accessibility feature, which, as I don't need it, I want to turn off, but which, alas, I can't :-(! Left-to-right movement seems to require 3 fingers. Also a great nuisance. A yellow line seems to appear around things I might select from a menu of options. I can't find anything in Settings to shake off this odd set-up. Sony helpdesk is shut weekends. Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Vince

  AroundAgain 12:07 09 May 15

Would you give details re make/model of phone so the guys who might be able to help will know what phone you have?

Other than that, don't think I can help but someone will be along shortly, I'm sure


  DaVinci56 12:13 09 May 15

Shall now reply to my own topic. Accessibilty, Talk Back, managed to switch it off. But it is so difficult with a double- or triple-tap required for every step. The vibration has also gone away. I need a rest!

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