How to send photos by text

  ponytail 10:25 17 Jan 14

I have a couple of photos on my phone which I want to send to my cousin in Australia by text can I do this.My phone is a Blackberry 8520 curve smart phone

  Lucidica 14:11 17 Jan 14

Once you've composed your text you should be able to press the menu key, scroll to 'attach' and select 'picture'. Scroll to the picture you want then press the navigation button to confirm it. Send as normal once it's inserted.

Should work, though I don't use a Blackberry.

  Lucidica 14:14 17 Jan 14

Just realised what Blackberry you use.

On the home screen just click 'media' Select media type and file, then press menu then click send or share and compose your message as normal.

  Woolwell 13:11 18 Jan 14

Be careful that you don't create extra charges for your cousin. Receiving multi-media messages from overseas can invoke charges.

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